Steel Buildings
Steel Buildings - Advantage Steel Buildings, Inc. has been providing quality steel buildings at inexpensive price points since August 2000. Whether it’s a hay barn, garage, mini-storage, or church building, we should earn your business and keep your business by providing an excellent product and outstanding service.

Steel Buildings - SERVICE - From inception to completion, our mission would be to provide outstanding customer support. Our sales staff will help you during the quoting process to successfully get the building you will need and will answer any queries you may have. Once your order is positioned, your representative can give you approximate dates for receiving your drawings along with your building. You will receive your building drawings BEFORE we begin production. This gives you time to have your slab poured and also gives you the opportunity to review your drawings to make sure the dwelling is designed the way you want to buy. Once your building arrives, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the building or the way it goes together.

Metal Building
ALL STEEL - Advantage Steel buildings have steel framing, sub-framing, sheeting, and trim. There isn't any wood, so it’s built stronger and can last longer. Insurance rates will also be lower on all steel structures as opposed to those containing wood, because steel is non-combustible and will not be damaged by insects, rot or decay. Steel can also be 100% recyclable.

BOLT TOGETHER PACKAGE - Our building kits are all bolt-together, so there is no welding required. A lot of our competitors sell welded kits, which require more hours and more expense. Our kits offer an erection manual, the industry general guide about the erection process, and erection drawings which can be specific to your building. You can expect the main frames with clips already welded set up, and connection plates and clips already have factory-located bolt holes, so that all you have to do is bolt it all together. All of our parts are marked inside the factory for easy identification. These part marks will coincide using the building drawings that you get.

CUSTOM DESIGN - Your building is not designed and fabricated unless you place an order. In other words, this is simply not a pre-fabricated building looking at a shop floor waiting being shipped. When you order the structure, we design it and engineer it according to your needs, wants, and the codes and loads required for your location.

QUALITY - Advantage provides quality buildings at inexpensive price points. All of our framing and sub-framing is coated with a red oxide primer to avoid rusting. Our roof and wall sheets and all trim are 26 gauge metal, which can be thicker than the 29 gauge provided by some of our competitors. Our galvalume sheeting has a 25 year warranty, and our painted sheeting has a 40 year warranty. You can expect a variety of colors, many of which are “Energy Star Approved”.


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